About us

Group CIL is a Real Estate Management Company, specializing in hands-on management of a vast portfolio of industrial properties in the Greater Montreal area. Currently it has a total of six (6) properties and over 2.3 million square foot of industrial buildings under management.


It started in 1998 when the current owners bought in to the partnership owning Cite industrielle Lasalle. When in 2004 the third partner was bought-out and new management was put in place, three (3) properties, already owned, were added and in 2012 two (2) more properties were added to the portfolio, all still owned and managed by the same people, in a Group of Companies that has five (5) corporations and structures owning and managing the properties.


Management, consisting of a Manager and a Controller, are on-site and hands-on, and continue to serve their clients and tenants in a professional manner, to the full satisfaction of said clients and tenants.


Go to our Contact page to get in touch with our Manager, Fred van Noord, or Controller, Rachel Guay.

Some of our major tenants:

  • Mega Brands / Mattel
  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Labatt Breweries
  • CGI
  • Socadis
  • Accurate Screen
  • Linus Shops
  • Cinepool
  • Neko Colors
  • Pierre Belvedere
  • Recuperaction Marronniers
  • Carpet Art Deco
  • Maisliner